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The best performing letters are: A, S, E, M, D, I, T, O. Other strong letters include F, G, H. The letters J,K,Q,U,V,W,X,Y,Z are referred as non-premium letters. The presence of one of these letters considerably devalues a 4 letter .com under most circumstances. Of these, Q, X, Z are the weakest.

Certain letters perform better in certain positions than others. The letter “I” for instance is a particularly strong ending letter which stands as an acronym for many commonly used words such as International, Incorporated, Industries,… C,I,L make stronger ending letters than they typically are elsewhere in an A and O are strong in either the starting or ending position and S is stronger in the starting position. This is by no means an exhaustive list, merely examples of letters which perform better in particular positions.

Always Consider:

Pronounceability (does it pass the radio test?)
Likelihood of an existing or future enduser
Anything which differentiates it from other LLLL.coms

Fast, Responsive and Easy to Use

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